Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Place Called H.O.M.E.

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Having Opportunities          Means Everything

A Place Called H.O.M.E. – Having Opportunities Means Everything is a brand new Low Profit Limited Liability Company (L3C) that exists to serve the multifaceted and critical needs of older youth (16-26) who are aging out or have aged out of Maine’s foster care system and find themselves in need of a support system.  L3C’s are “hybrids” which combine specific aspects of non-profits and for-profits with the explicit primary focus of charitable missions.
Our primary goal is to create, offer and deliver multiple opportunities for youth who are interested in participating in any of our many Initiatives.
Our community oriented it takes a village approach will serve to encourage youth while providing a “soft” place to fall when life becomes overwhelming or challenging.
A Place Called H.O.M.E. provides a supportive community environment for each youth, focusing on their individual strengths and personal goals.
A Place Called H.O.M.E. is not a program but rather an Initiatives based grassroots effort to invite older youth who’ve experienced Maine’s foster care system an opportunity to live their lives with the love, support and dignity that they deserve.

Even if your “need” is not listed below, please feel free to contact          Janalee @ janaleemoquin8@yahoo.com or call/text (207) 423-4281 and     together we can discuss what your individual needs are!
The Festival of “Fostering” Trees serves as our signature annual fundraising event and provides funds for all of our Initiatives which benefit youth involved in Maine’s foster care system.

Extended Family Initiative: Provide financial and emotional support to youth who are aging out or who have aged out of Maine’s foster care system in the following manner:  
Housing:  Provide first/last/security deposits, furnishings, utilities, groceries or other needs for a house or apartment.  Provide temporary emergency housing to prevent homelessness and couch surfing.
Education:  Provide assistance with any educational needs that are not already covered through financial aid, waivers and/or ETV funds.
Transportation:  Provide assistance with purchasing a vehicle, obtaining car insurance and registration.  Provide volunteers to serve current transportation needs if transportation is unavailable.  Provide assistance with obtaining Driver’s Ed. and volunteer drivers to achieve all the required driving time needed to successfully obtain a driver’s license.
Sibling Visits:  Provide opportunities for frequent and consistent visits with all members of a sibling group.
Emotional:  Provide the emotional support that only a FAMILY can provide and serve as a “soft place to fall” when life becomes too overwhelming or challenging.  We all need emotional support to get through life and we’d like to provide youth a community of support.
Match Reward Initiative:  Provide a 10% reward to youth who make eligible purchases through the Opportunity Passport™ Program.  The reward has no restrictions and may be used for whatever the youth deems necessary.  The Opportunity Passport™ Program is a financial education and matched savings program that helps youth develop personal finance skills as they transition to adulthood.
Better Together Initiative:  Provide youth with the opportunity to connect with a safe, caring, invested community member who will support a youth’s specific interests.  Youth are connected with a community member who’s interested in spending & investing time experiencing something that the youth is passionate about.  It’s really as simple as that, enjoying & experiencing fun stuff together, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Josh’s College Care Packages Initiative:  Provide individualized care packages to youth who are attending college or an educational program.  All care packages are personalized and items are chosen by each youth, including brand name items, so youth actually get what they want instead of something generic.  Just fill out a simple Request Form and we’ll send you a GREAT care package each semester.
College Cookie Packs Initiative:  Provide fresh baked homemade cookies for youth who participate in Josh’s College Care Package Initiative.  When youth fill out request forms for a care package, they also get to choose their favorite homemade cookie.  We’ll send cookies anytime they’re requested.
Happy Birthday Initiative:  Provide birthday cards and individualized gift cards for youth who participate in any of our Initiatives.  We believe that birthdays are a BIG DEAL and we want youth to know that we’re thinking of them on their special day.
Our HeArts Initiative:  Provide an opportunity to work with volunteer artists at the York Art Association in York, ME.  Artists will create unique Heart to be sold in the YAA Gallery Gift Shop & support their “Arts for Hearts” program that encourages & provides art experiences for everyone.  Youth will also take home their very own Heart masterpiece.  Space is limited, lunch & all supplies are included so just bring your creative energy.
Autumn’s Art Expression Initiative:  Provide an 82-piece deluxe art creativity set for youth who want to express themselves in an artistic manner and allow their inner feelings to flow through the beautiful expression of art.  We’d also love to feature your creations on our Facebook pages for everyone to see.
Babci’s Sacks of LOVE Initiative:  Provide Duffle Bags and fresh baked homemade cookies for any youth (regardless of their age) who’s currently involved or has been involved with Maine’s foster care system.  Our express goal is to provide a new duffle bag which will replace trash bags being used by some youth to carry their belongings.
Penobscot Nation Strong:  Provide Comfort Bags that are filled with age appropriate, warm and fuzzy items to comfort youth who are experiencing transition within the Nation.
Horse Shoe Initiative:  Provide a mini 3 day 2 night camp opportunity at Hearts & Horses in Buxton, ME for youth to learn all about horses, with the shoe being on the other foot (or hoof), giving youth a heightened sense of how horses experiences the world around them.  Space is limited, ages 11 & up & subsidies are available on a first come first served basis.  
If Wishes Were Horses Initiative:  Provide an opportunity for all current Opportunity Passport™ Program Participants to have an ultimate wish granted.  Youth can submit their responses, in writing (under 300 words) or video form (under 10 minutes).  One lucky winner will have their wish come true!  All submissions are due no later than Dec. 1, 2017 and a winner will be announced on Jan. 1, 2018.

To obtain Request Forms for any of the Initiatives listed above,                please contact Janalee @ janaleemoquin8@yahoo.com or                     call/text (207) 423-4281 anytime!

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